This Chaiwala In Koramangala Is Your 4PM Stopover For Tea, Maggi & Doodh Thums Up

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What Makes It Awesome

When you serve samosas and chai hot, you know you've got yourself a winner. Ramji Chaiwale for me is a winner for all and that soupy Maggi that they serve. Don't like soupy Maggi? It's chill because they'll make it just the way you like it. They have a various selection of chai with Sudh Desi Chai {regular tea} and Nembu Wali Chai {lemon tea} getting Thums Up from me.

What Could Be Better?

I've visited this place a couple of times and the experience has been good so far. I do find the high chairs a bit uncomfortable, but then again, you could always stand and have your chai.

What's My Pro Tip?

Yes. Please do try the Doodh Thums Up which is basically Doodh Cola but instead of Coke, they use Thums Up. It's served in an Old Monk bottle, making it a rather quirky but experimental drink that might leave you disgusted or fascinated. It left me feeling a bit of both.

Anything Else?

Also, they make delectable sandwiches and twister potatoes as well.

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