This Hole-In-The-Wall Joint In Alleppey Serves The Best Puttu In Town

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What Makes It Awesome

I really liked their food! This tiny little shop with quirky graffiti on its walls was packed when we went. Highly recommended by the people at our backpackers' hostel for its Puttu {steamed rice cakes that every Malayali swears by} and Kattan {black tea}, we made a beeline to the place for dinner. There is only enough space to seat around 15-odd people at any given point of time on rustic benches and tables.

The specialty here, as the name suggests, is Puttu and black tea. The Puttu was super soft and crumbly and went amazingly with spicy fish curry and beef curry. There are other Kerala delicacies on the menu as well. Also, the black tea was refreshing, with a hint of mint and lemon.

What Could Be Better?

A few more options for the vegetarians, I suppose would be so much better.

What's My Pro Tip?

Don't go there expecting fine dining. The setting is very very basic. So avoid if you're someone who turns their nose up at not-so-classy joints.

Anything Else?

From what Google tells me, there is a branch of this place in Bangalore! Go searching for some of that delish Puttu and Kattan now!