This Place In Koramangala Gives In The Old Bangalore Vibe For Gudbud Lovers

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What Makes It Awesome?

Old Bangalore had this favourite dessert called Gudbud, it's nostalgic that we can see our favourite dessert coming back with a bang in this outlet. This modernised place is themed perfectly with humungous varieties of ice creams to be tasted. They have special chocolate flavours which are truly awesome.

They have two varieties in Gudbud, one is normal and the other is exotic. For nut lovers, we recommend the exotic one. Gudbuds are extremely delicious here, with good quality of ice-creams and good that we won't have a sugar rush!!

Tiramisu is made well with a good presentation using whipped cream.

The best part is they also have board games and books for customers who can stick their phones inside for some time at least

How Much Did It Cost?

Under ₹500

Not the Ghatotkatcha from Mahabharata, but a Foodie from Bengaluru who loves to explore