This Self-Taught Artist Makes Art And Home Decor Inspired By The Cosmic Mandala

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What Makes It Awesome?

Keep it simple and striking with mandala art on your table at work, home or bed side in the form of coasters (more coming soon). Or on your walls as pieces of art. Either way, call on Ujjwal Gulati, the master behind this stunning pieces.

Fascinated by this sacred geometric pattern, that is deeply rooted in Hindu and Buddhist symbolism, Ujjwal's entire range of art - functional or as artwork itself, focuses on the Mandala. But that's not to say you'll only be getting geometric circles. You'll get the same concept in everything from a unicorn to a moon (a favourite as he's penned it such that you can seen it as a crescent , new or even an eclipsed one).

If you're as intrigued as us, not only should you buy the merch, but keep track of his social media (he's on Facebook as Ujjwal Gulati Art) for workshops on Mandala art. This also included a history to Mandalas, the significance and of course creating your own art. The process also will weave in mindfulness, something Ujjwal says is crucial to Mandala art.

How Much Did It Cost?

Upwards of INR 500.

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