These Rice-Soy-Corn Crispies Are Prebiotic, Prebiotics And Kids Will Love Them

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Belligo Probiotic Bites

Belligo Probiotic Bites


What Makes It Awesome

Things that are good for kids, are not necessarily things they like! But thank goodness, Timios Belligo, which are corn, soy, rice crispies are delicious and good for kids. We tried some of them in our household, and we're fans! Not only it is healthy, and good for digestion as it is probiotic and prebiotic (who knew they need each other to function well!) and tastes good. With a crunchy texture and a vanilla coating to make it appealing, it's a great snack for the little ones who are above the age of two. The prebiotic help the probiotics to aid in digestion, and that intern, improves the immunity of kids. 

I love the convenient sizes they come in too. One square is about three to four bites for a child about 3-6 years, and it can easily fit in a tiny bag, or even a pocket! Perfect for a mid-day snack while travelling, in the park, or just at home even. 


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