Frazer Town Peeps! You've Got A Food Truck Wheeling Round Serving Fries, Nachos And Pizzas

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Roughly translating to foodie in Kannada, Tindipotha is more than just an interesting name. It’s a Frazer Town food truck that’s serving all our favourite quick bites at great prices.

Wheely Meals

With food trucks popping up in different parts of the city again, Frazer Town isn’t missing out on the action. Yep! Tindipotha is a food truck that’s parked right outside the St Francis Xavier Cathedral on Promenade Road every evening post 5.30pm {except on Tuesdays}. Easy to spot, the truck sports a loud green and yellow paint job that you can’t miss. Plus, it’s the only food truck parked in the area as of now. Serving up all of our fast food favourites, pizzas, sandwiches, burgers, fries, rolls and nachos all find a spot on their menu, which they keep switching up so you’ll never be bored.

Easy on the pocket too, everything is priced under an easy INR 120. The portions are on the smaller side though as they’re meant to be quick bites. But you can still have your fill with spending too much cash here.

Mysuru To Bengaluru

Claiming to be the first food truck in Karnataka, Tindipotha was born five years ago in the neighbouring Mysuru. After meeting with much success there and filling up many hungry tummies, the food truck decided to wheel its way into Bengaluru and it’s been a year since Tindipotha had started fighting away the hunger pangs of the people on Promenade Road. So hit them up and order up a grilled cheese sandwich or two {save one for us}.


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