Get Your Bagwati On With Handbags, Clutches And Bagpacks From Here

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What Makes It Awesome

On our quest for handbags that are not only pretty but are also reasonably priced (read: under INR 500-600), we somehow stumbled upon Tip Top, smack in the middle of Chickpet! The store will catch your eye only because everything inside is still in its packaged form. It's almost too tempting to rip out the plastic and get your hands on the bags.

We walked in expecting nothing extraordinary and found ourselves in bag paradise. Think everything from sling bags, shoulder bags and handheld bags to backpacks, clutches and mini-pouches. Most of their backpacks are waterproof, and decent in quality, too - you can tell from the look of them. Prices for these start from INR 600, and you'll find many colours and designs to choose from. The handbags come in colours like mustard, beige, olive green, brown, maroon and black. These are priced upwards of INR 500. Just in case that's not enough for you to swoon over, take a look at their clutches. Bedazzled, velvety or even faux leather, there are enough options to last you through this shaadi season without having to repeat anything! They also have a store in Commercial Street you can check out.

How Much Did It Cost

₹500 - ₹1000