What Do Beads, Paper, And Glaze Have In Common? This Jewellery Brand Shows You!

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What Makes It Awesome

What comes to mind when we say paper jewellery? Primary school art projects? Quilling perhaps? Maybe even paper maiche? Titli doesn’t quite fit those, and still makes paper jewellery. How do they do this? They roll high quality paper into beads of different colours, shapes, and patterns, and dip it in eco-friendly glaze, and string them into unique jewellery. All hand made, they make only a piece (usually a set of a necklace and earrings) of each design, so you’re likely to be the only one with something from Titli. Since their jewellery features beads (they do use some glass beads for the visual appeal), it’s all chunky, vibrant, but light as it’s all paper. 

Ideal for pairing with your Indian OOTDs (fancy or otherwise), all the neckpieces are around medium length. You can choose the classic string of beads type of necklace, or get something with a chunky, artsy pendant. From images of fruit, to peacock themed drop pendants, and tiered necklaces, there’s something for nearly any look. Most are pretty versatile and can be used to accessorise a Western look (over a monochrome jumpsuit, a plain summer dress, or a colourful outfit; we don’t make the rules). For lovers of quilling, some of their pieces incorporate that as well. They deliver pan-India, so just place your order on their website, and it’ll be delivered within the week.


The jewellery is dipped in varnish, so it’s water resistant for the most part, but not waterproof, so don’t go frolicking in the rain, swimming in the sea or otherwise with the jewellery on.


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