Have You Tried The Toddler Cocktail Served In A Milk Bottle At Hoppipola Yet?

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Known for their quirky and budget-friendly cocktails, the Toddler is a must-drink at Hoppipola. If not for taste, at least for the baby bottle it comes in!

Time For The Bottle

Swarming with youngsters, this colourful bar always sets the mood for some fun. Sure if you are born before the 90s you might feel out of place, but when there’s some fun drinkies to have, then why not, eh? So, gather your pals, head here and order The Toddler. Introduced only last month, is a heady mix of white rum, Malibu {rum}, pineapple juice and cream. While there, also load up on the Kafir lime and lychee mojitos, Desi martinis {nicely spiced for a proper kick} and even the 100 per cent Char-Gin – sparkling wine, gin and kiwi.

Fuelling Up

Naturally, food needs to be part of this boozy affair, so make sure to order Lamburghini sliders — lamb sliders done in a Middle Eastern style with cheese stuffed into the koftas. Al Pesto {with bacon, chicken, prawn or just vegetarian} is a winner with fresh basil making the sauce. Also try their version of the Peri Peri Biryani which has cheese, caramelised onions and plenty of Peri Peri spices.

Price: INR 395 for The Toddler


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