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The Economic Times and LBB partnered to find India’s Top 30 Disruptive Brands 2021. While there are so many stellar brands popping up every day, this list features some of the most exceptional consumer brands, that are not only success stories, but are now iconic household names that have carved a niche for themselves.

With LBB being a destination for you to discover and shop India's coolest, newest and insurgent brands, we've been tracking new consumer brands for the past few years. Our selection for these Top 30 Disruptive Brands was based not only on the categories these brands fall under and the uniqueness of their propositions, but also on how they stand out from the crowd in terms of marketing, customer engagement and acquisition. Plus, of course, their growth and how they’ve disrupted incumbents has also been a key factor in our selection process! 

Without further ado, here are the Top 30 Disruptive Brands Of 2021.

Beauty & Body

With people really focusing on self-care and wellness, it was no surprise that a fair number of brands are from this category. First up, the Bombay Shaving Company that has amazing shaving products, beard products, bath products and skin products. Think options such as coffee, turmeric and apple cider vinegar shaving foams! Wow Skincare is all about natural, vegan and truly effective products. Mama Earth, which we’ve all come to love and cherish for the TLC they show your skin and the Earth. Skinkraft offers customised skincare products for you, as well as Plum (check out their chamomile and white tea products!) are the others in this category that are wowing users. The list wouldn’t be complete without MCaffeine that is India's first caffeinated skincare brand, which is probably in every shower caddy and/or dressing table!

In a similar vein, Kapiva, Man Matters and Boheco have created an innovative range of products that target customers’ well-being! Oh, plus Sugar Cosmetics for the fabulous range of lipsticks, glosses, primers, eye makeup and so much more, that is high quality and super affordable. 

Coffee, Snacks & Groceries

Slurrp Farm needs no introduction for their healthy, organic packaged foods that range from oats powder and chia seeds to ragi pancake mix and coffee cake mix. iD Fresh Food’s is truly a household name with their fantastic breakfast mixes. So much so that even the most skeptical grandma will approve of their pre-mixed products! There’s also Veeba which does amazing sauces and spreads that will make even the laziest (and worst) cooks look like pros! Paul & Mike have also been switching things up with their brilliant range of intriguing chocolate bars. Yes, we say intriguing because what else is Jamaican Rum vegan chocolate and Gin Cocktail Bee’s Knees Bonbons? Yoga Bars are also killing it with those nifty energy bars alongside The Whole Truth’s protein bars. Gym-goers, runners, active folks, and breakfast skippers, watch out for these ones! Licious is another brand that is a trailblazer delivering meat and fish straight to your doorstep, so we had to pick this one. Country Delight too caught our eye. Where else can you get fresh cow and buffalo milk delivered home. Plus, other dairy products too!

When it comes to brick and mortar, then there was no looking beyond the trio of The Bombay Canteen + O'Pedro + Bombay Sweet Shop. The innovation, the quality and the draw is unmatched. If you don’t believe us, just try the Ferrero Rocker Laddoo or the Dulce de Leche Pedha, and you will be nodding in agreement!


If there’s food around, can alcohol be far behind? So here’s to Bira 91 for giving India a homegrown beer brand we can all relate to, and enjoy. For the spirit drinkers, Greater Than Gin probably made you switch to drinking gin simply because it’s so good, and it really put India on the gin map. Then Svami came with their unmatched range of flavoured tonic waters to continue the proper G&T love story. 

With cafes that were all over Instagram and drinks tagged on all social media platforms, Blue Tokai and Chaayos truly deserve a spot because in a country so crazy about homemade tea and coffee, both brands really brought people out for these categories.

Home & Tech

Making homes cool again, Spin, The Better Home and Wakefit won our votes. Especially for making the idea of home improvement so much more fun, easy and interesting!  Then there’s boAt which makes revolutionary audio products. Their wireless collection is hands down the most innovative in the price range, and we’re here for it! 

And Finally…

Bombay Shirt Company was picked for being India's first custom shirt brand, and how they’ve swept into the market, and dominated. And with representation for the littlest of us all, Super Bottoms rounds up the list for their most adorable and truly disruptive range of eco-friendly reusable baby cloth diapers, bibs, training pants and waterproof cloths. 

Check out all the brands here.


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