Turn Into A General Of Knowledge With These Documentaries & Shows You Can Stream Online

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Knowledge is power and knowledge comes from learning. Thanks to the internet, more importantly, online streaming platforms, knowledge is also easily accessible! This is why we've put together a list of educational shows and documentaries you should certainly watch, on every topic under the sun (politics, nature, food, crime).

Bookmark them ASAP, because it's time to binge-watch and introduce your brain to the cool, unknown and flaunt it later, of course.

Every Nat Geo Show

Growing up, we've all sat down with our parents and watched multiple TV shows on the National Geographic channel (okay mostly with the dads). Recalling this only brings fond memories of learning fun, new stuff that led us to ask multiple questions (most of which dad couldn't answer). Good news is, we can still do this and watch any, truly any Nat Geo show (including new shows) by streaming online and there's so many to pick from! Some of our favourites are: World's Greatest Dogs, Gordon Ramsay Uncharted, and The World According To Jeff Goldblum. 

Where To Watch: Disney+ Hotstar

An Inconvenient Truth

An Oscar-winning documentary, An Inconvenient truth is right up there when it comes to must-watch documentaries. The crux of the show revolves around former US Vice President, Al Gore disclosing an inconvenient truth to us viewers: Climate Change, global warming, more specifically. He takes us through a series of slideshows as evidence behind what's happening around the globe in manner that isn't patronising, boring or dry. Instead the conclusion will make you want to take heed and steps to combat this pressing issue. High production values and a convincing story is what's in-store. 

Where To Watch: Amazon Prime, rent at INR 300 or purchase at INR 980


Stressing on only what is necessary and the important things in life, Minimalism is a thought-provoking watch. The show peeks into the everyday routine of minimalists from different walks of life, to get us thinking if one needs what one owns but doesn't use. Do you really need all those extra clothes in your wardrobe you don't wear or is the impulse shopping really worth it? There is much to learn from the stories of these individuals. The idea is not to turn into them overnight, but to ponder over their way of living and make small changes gradually. 

Where To Watch: Netflix


Explained is a superb series to watch if you'd like to stay keyed into current affairs or anything topical. Popular news site, Vox is the genius behind the episodes that aren't more than 15 to 20 minutes in length (just enough to retain attention). Like the show's title, Explained explains issues that impact people's lives in manner that is easy to understand because they breakdown every question to give you a logical answer. Among subjects covered are the rise of cryptocurrency, why diets fail, the next pandemic and coding. There are presently two seasons of the show available on Netflix. 

Where To Watch: Netflix

Coronavirus, Explained

This show debuted soon after the outbreak of novel coronavirus, in an effort to educate the masses on a pandemic. It is a topical series that takes us through the lives of the frontline heroes, examines the coronavirus pandemic, the efforts to combat it and ways to manage it's mental health toll. It is a very in-your-face docu series, in a sense that it will hit you with the reality of how the flu or other diseases like Covid-19 can shake up the world. It also discusses possible sources that can cause the next pandemic, if the healthcare system is equipped to battle this, and how it is a true race against the clock to come up with a solution. 

Where To Watch: Netflix

Butterfly Effect

History buffs, you'll appreciate this watch. Butterfly Effect will take you through historical happenings that have shaped the past and future through its engaging and original storytelling. These small but key events that have changed the world have been reconstructed for our entertainment and learning by 3D modeling specialists. Every story revisits a key event and is told in sequences which gives new perspective to today. Think stories of Martin Luther King Jr., Alexander The Great, Confucius And China, Charles and Darwin and Chernobyl.

Where To Watch: Curiosity Stream, subscription of INR 225 a month.

Our Planet

If you're looking for eye-opening insights into the environment and its direct correlation to animals, pick Our Planet to watch. Straight up, it tells us how climate change is a real threat and how we could end up with an animal diversity of just dogs and cats. It's scary but a truth that needs to be faced. The show has real video evidence to support everything it claims with makes this watch all the more real. Picture captivating natural spectacles, majestic views and equally contrasting and traumatising visuals of what is happening and what is to come. What also makes this a must-watch is the fact that the entire series is narrated by BCC's, David Attenborough.

Where To Watch: Netflix

Toys That Made Us

Want to relive childhood through the toys you played with? Stream Toys That Made Us on Netflix. This American web series serves up nostalgia taking us through how the toys we loved became successful giants and what they are today! It also talks about how these toys have be part of lives for generations. It is also a lovely show if you want tearn of toys you've never heard of. It's funny insightful, informative and clever. Any sucker for facts and trivia would love to binge watch this show. Some popular episodes are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Star Trek and without saying, Barbie.

Where To Watch: Netflix

Walking The Himalayas

What isn't exciting about watching a man set out to walk the length of the world's highest mountain range? Everything, das right! In this thrilling nature documentary, Ex-soldier and Explorer, Levison Wood covers Afghanistan to Bhutan to document his journey to the Himalayas. The show is engaging as is exhilarating given the conditions to make it here! This six month course turned into a visual story is a mix of beauty and danger. You're in for a mix of breathtaking, heartwarming and iconic moments.

Where To Watch: Discovery Plus

How It's Made

We love How It's Made, it is a simple straightforward 32-season long documentary series that takes us through how simple, everyday objects often neglected are made. The effort behind the production gives us a newfound appreciation for the things we took for granted! Every episode explained to the T without skimping on necessary details. Expect to find everything from Glass Faucets, Rice Cookers, to Leather Bags and so much more! This is a great series to watch with kids, we totes recommend!

Where To Watch: Science Channel

Dirty Money

This Netflix Original tells multiple tales of corporate corruption, securities fraud and creative accounting based on true crime stories. These untold stories of scandal and corruption in the world of business will leave you with a bag of emotions (count: infuriation, enlightenment, and heartbreak). There are investigative episodes on Cartel Bank, "Dirty Gold" (huge quantities of gold flown into the U.S. each year) and the Canadian Maple Syrup Heist. 

Where To Watch: Netflix

Under The Sun

Watch Under The Sun to understand North Korean propaganda through the life of through an 8-year old girl who has chosen to join North Korea's Children's Union. It is an eye-opening, and touching story that has an interesting backstory to how it was shot that will lure you in to give this movie a shot. Interestingly, this Russian documentary was shot over a year under strict government control in North Korea. But despite being watched constantly by government minders during filming, the director found a way to expose the propaganda machine by leaving the camera running while each shot was set up to give us a powerful in many ways yet unsettling for the right reasons. 

Where To Watch: Amazon Prime, rent at INR 375 or purchase at INR 1280

Apollo 11

We are recommending Apollo-11 simply because it gives us never-before-seen visuals of one of the greatest events in history, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins' epic trip to the moon! The movie takes us through the entire mission with archival footage, including 70 mm film previously unreleased to the public, and does not feature narration, interviews or modern recreations. What you are about to witness is truly awe-inspiring.

Where To Watch: Amazon Prime, rent at INR 300 or purchase at INR 980

World War II In Colour

So, whatever you've learnt in your history books comes to life in colour as you watch this informative and enjoyable docu-movie. The information is accurate and also has archival footage and recently released official documents to give you more insight into a global event one should never forget. And as millennials we are grateful for the addition of colour and great narration.

Where To Watch: Netflix


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