Shape Of Pasta To Chrissy's Court: Shows You Need To Watch On Quibi Right Now

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If you are wondering what Quibi is, it's one of the newest streaming services that offer tons of video content that are all under 10 minutes. Quibi is short for quick bites and the trust us when we say this, we binged watch some seven shows in a day because they were so interesting, quick, and informative too. So for those folks who are done watching every top Hollywood movie on Netflix, the top Bollywood movies on Amazon Prime and even the best stuff to watch on Disney+ Hostar, this list is for you. Make sure you bookmark this list of top shows to watch on Quibi and have fun streaming them later. 

The Shape Of Pasta

This is the first show we watched on Quibi and this eight-episode series follows Chef Evan Funke as he goes and discovers long, rare, and almost forgotten pasta shapes. In Italy. The entire series is almost an hour-long but the visual tapestry of Italian grandmothers and the chef himself provides through the kneading and making the pasta will make you watch to rewatch the episodes again and again. 


In this comedy series, you've wannabe reality TV home-flippers Jann and Cricket trying to make it big in the world of home makeovers. Starring Will Forte as Jann Melfi and Kaitlin Olson as his wife, Cricket Melfi, the duo get caught in a comedic situation when a Mexican drug cartel decides to enlist them to help renovated their drug-filled mansion. 

Chrissy's Court

Chrissy Teigen stars as a judge in this courtroom, reality comedy show where she presides over some serious and some laughable cases. Oh, and if you are wondering, these are real cases staring real people and all the decisions that Chrissy make, is legally binding. The episode "100% That Case" will have you laughing at this couple who fights over a Lizzo sweater. 12 episodes each between five to six to seven minutes long, you know you've got your self a quick binge-watch. 

Useless Celebrity History

It's one of the most entertaining shows currently streaming on Quibi according to us. The series features host Adam Rippon talking to people about various celebrities who became famous or had a moment of pure genius. One of these episodes covers how Harry Styles went on to have a successful solo career while another one, the pilot talks about how Rihanna owned the Met Gala. Currently, there are four episodes, with a new episode every Friday. 

Answered By Vox

This news-style talk show features host Cleo Abram answering some of the questions related to the current issues that we are facing. The pilot episode talks about how far the coronavirus can travel in the air through a sneeze and makes you believe in why a mask is really important (if you were ever apprehensive about it). There's also an episode on how to cut your hair that features hairdresser and YouTuber Brand Mando taking you through tips and tricks of maintaining your hair during the lockdown. 

Gone Mental With Lior

In this series, Mentalist Lior Suchard proves to celebrities and even us for that matter that you can read another person's thoughts. Each episode features a celebrity as well as random people that the Lior meets on the streets and reads their minds. Our favourite episodes are the one where he reads Kate Hudson's and Ludachri's minds. It's hilarious and also mind-blowing to see how he reads their thoughts accurately.

Singled Out

If you are single during this lockdown, then this reality dating game show isn't going to help you get a date. But it'll make you laugh at the competitors and how they try to navigate digital dating and try to get out of singlehood or forever stay in the friendzone. There are 10 episodes for you to watch and maybe, just maybe, there might be a few tips that you can take away from the show and give a shot while you are on Bumble. 


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