Want to run a 10K? Our Experts tell you Exactly How to get Started

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Our fair city has turned into the Running Capital of India of late, and we’re thrilled to hear that. But for those of you who love that runners high, or even want to give it your first shot, there’s no time like now to start. With a popular 10K run scheduled only two months from now, it’s time to start training. After all, you can’t just roll out of bed, throw on your adidas shoes and start competing.

Training day

Not really a fitness person? Fear not! Ayesha Billimoria, trainer, Instagram fitness inspiration and one of Maharashtra’s star athletes, says that it’s all about getting rid of the ‘gotta get out of bed’ mentality. “Start with a walk or jog for 20 minutes – one minutes of jogging for every five of walking. Then up the pace by slowly reducing the walking time, and replacing it with jog spurts. Still not sure you’ll reach the finish line? Perhaps Billimoria’s training tips {check out her demos here} on strengthening your legs will help. Apart from the usual wall squats, planks {regular and side} and leg raises, this expert suggests single leg glute bridgesV-scissors and squat plus single leg side raises.

On the road

OK, next: don’t be fooled into thinking that running 10k on a treadmill will be the same as the circuit. Hit the outdoors, folks. Cubbon Park and Lalbagh come up as a top favourite for the road and trail running options. Runner Ankita Gaur {who manages the community, Indiranagar Runners} suggests you head off to the Bangalore University area or even GKVK near Yelahanka. Eva Rana, {a software engineer by profession and runner by passion}, being a Whitefield lady picks the KTPO as well as the trail in Rajarajeshwari Nagar. As the race comes closer, say in the last six weeks to the run, you should be covering 80-95 per cent of the race pace in about 35 minutes. Step up your running to about 4-6 times a week at 100 per cent efforts for optimal results.

Eat right

‘Don’t eat junk food’ is the primary message we get loud and clear! Apart from that though, Billimoria’s mantra is eating in moderation year-round, and drinking water throughout too. Gaur, focussing on post training eating, says that it’s critical to avoid muscle breakdown. So think in terms of a 4:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein. In Bangalore, idlis and sambar are your best bet. Especially at the likes of Konark and MTR. If you an egg person, then RedFork, Egg Factory and Hole in the Wall Café are your go to places.

Gearing up

Of course, all that hard work needs to be back by the right kind of gear, from your tee to your trainers. Gaur says that what is essential is getting a gait analysis done before buying running shoes. We’re picking the adidas PureBoost X for women {which Sania Mirza launched in Bangalore}, as it’s been made after testing it specifically on the female runner. We’ve already raved about it here, and think it’s a great fit! Also, wear ClimaChill t-shirts and shorts so it’s a pleasant experience and not a sweat fest Gaur advises. Oh, and ladies, invest in a good sports bra!


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