Treat Yourself With This Magically Healthy Drink

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What Makes It Awesome?

Now make your lockdown weekends refreshing, healthy, happening and full of energy. KA 53 kombucha is a magically healthy elixir possessing many health benefits.

• Kombucha is a daintily effervescent tea which is made through fermentation procedure. It is done by fermenting tea, either black or green, utilising a colony of bacterias and yeast.
• Since it is produced by fermentation it contains a slight amount of alcohol and has got an oddly addicting taste which can help you to cut down excessive alcohol consumption or soda cravings. •Probiotic bacterias are present which are good for your gut and strike a balance in the digestive system. You will also be able to replenish lost gut bacteria by drinking this.
•It contains antioxidants and gives a nice boost for detoxification in the body.

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