Do you remember Independence Day celebrations back in school? All those dance practices and plays, and the ways we’d incorporate the tri-colour into our outfits…brings back a wave of nostalgia, doesn’t it?

While we no longer match steps to all those patriotic songs, and going all out with our outfit seems a little too outrageous, there are still some small ways we can add a bit of tri-colour into our lives.

Be it a coffee mug, hair accessory, or even a cushion cover, we’re giving you our top 10 picks.

Mughal White Embroidered Cushion

Brand: The Home Elements

Price: INR 1040

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India Tiger Coffee Mug

Brand: Chumbak

Price: INR 295

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Silk Madhubani Clutch

Brand: Fabindia

Price: INR 1,890

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Kansa Glass With Hand Painted Grape Motif

Brand: Baarique

Price: INR 1,800

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Handmade Wooden Guldasta Hair Stick

Brand: Jalpari

Price: INR 295

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Green-Orange Leather Flats

Brand: Ode To Earth

Price: INR 1,290

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Temple Inspired Thread Work Necklace

Brand: Jodha Baano

Price: INR 9,315

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Ampersand Art Frame

Brand: To With From

Price: INR 940

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Special Shibori Tie Dye Woollen Stole

Brand: Haveli Chronicles

Price: INR 1,780

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Leather-Mashru Silk Fabric Ipad Cover

Brand: Khamir

Price: INR 980

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