Merry Mango Or Wah Wah Guava: It's A Fruit Fest With These Refreshing Juices

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What Makes It Awesome

Fruit juices are so nostalgic, no? We've all enjoyed it with our lunches at school, after playtime and even as adults on days when dehydration struck. Yet the most exciting thing about bottled juices have to be their many flavours and we are certainly liking the fun choices at Triggo Foods.

This local online brand is giving us variety, the taste of real fruit and memories all packed into portable bottles you can pop open anytime you'd like. They have a good mix of fizzy and real fruit drinks, the crowd favourite being Merry Mango and Jeera Chataka. Other choices include a variety of refreshing lemon drinks (varying degree of lemon flavour either as regular juice or carbonated) - Nimboo Zest, Nimboo Taaza, Woohoo Nimboo and Nimboo Ginger. The fizzy Apple Bliss, Wah Wah Guava and Lalchi Litchi flavours we think will be a hit with the kiddos.

The brand claims to use better quality ingredients and less sugar which is something we are always looking for in commercial juices.Moreover the prices are the best part about this brand. You can buy any of these drinks through their website or on Amazon in bottles of 200ml, 250ml and 300ml and pay no more than INR 10 or INR 20. So, if you're hosting a birthday party or need to stock up the fridge go ahead and bulk buy, we say!


These drinks can be relished as is or you can also use them to whip up cocktails and ice lollies at home!


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