Chaats With A Twist & Some Wholesome North Indian Meals

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What Makes It Awesome?

So what’s so special about this place? Well, a lot of things but for me, they are the chaats and of course the paneer sabzi and chur-chur paratha. But what keeps me going again and again to Bombay Brasserie is the aam papad paneer chaat, large chunks of paneer in tangy mango chutney, the chana chaat is also worth a try. Papdi chaat with dollops of curd and tangy imli chutney- my tastebuds were delighted. For drinks you have a variety coming right to you from the streets of Bombay- the Juhu Gola sherbet, Aam lassi and the Peru pleasure with chaat masala at the rim. Try the Peru pleasure if you are a guava fan!! The main course is equally tasty with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. The indulgent paneer sabzis with Kulchas are sure to make you feel satiated. At no point do you feel half-hearted or let down. If you want to go out with bae then try the starters for a weekend afternoon date, if you are going with a big group go the whole hog and go for variety- you want a delicious bite of every street and your taste buds to have a nice ride.

What Could Be Better?

Nothing as such.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group

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