Cooking Essentials, Costumes & Stationery: Ulsoor’s Bazaar Has Something For Everyone!

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Just a short ride from MG Road, the Ulsoor Market is one of the oldest in the city and offers a whole range of goodies. You can fill up your pantry on a budget here and can even pick up a zany costume for your next party or simply stock up on stationary supplies. Here are Ulsoor Market’s best buys!

Play Dress Up!

Have a costume party coming up? Then, hit up Ulsoor market. Walk about the narrow lanes that surround Someshwara Temple and you’ll find small and big shops renting out every costume imaginable. The best known among these establishments is Shringar Costumes that’s spread across a couple of levels. On the ground floor, you can get your bling on with accessories of all kinds. Hair pieces to ornate crowns and costume jewellery, they have it all. Upstairs you can explore racks of costumes. They have Garbha garb as well as fancy dress costumes for the kiddies, jazzy getups and a dazzling array of props.

Doodle Supplies

For those of you who need a load of stationery to get through your work day, then, Sumangali Stores will sort you out. The store has been around since 1938 and offers everyday stationery. The shop is lined with wooden racks that are neatly stacked with pens, pencil sets, notebooks and textbooks. If your kid has a school project, this a great place to source all your DIY materials from.

Spice Lane

Stocking up your pantry sure can get a charming twist in Ulsoor. We recommend you forego that supermarket trip to shop in the bylanes of the bazaar that are doused in old-world charm. Opposite the Hanuman Temple on the busy Bazaar Street, you can wander down a narrow aisle that’s lined with hole-in-the wall stores whose colourful displays include sacks of dried chillies, grains, and even pasta! You can also pick from wicker baskets filled with betel leaves, earthen pots, and amulets to ward off the evil eye.

Grab Groceries

Once you are done with the main bazaar area, skip, hop and jump to the nearby Murphy Town market for your weekly grocery run. Here, you can browse through rows of carts and shops stocked with the produce of the day. They have all the local varieties (if you are looking for zucchini and thyme this is the not the place for you) – from tomatoes to mounds of garlic, beans, cucumbers and whatnot.

Freezer Essentials

Right behind the vegetable market are the fish and meat markets. Stall after stall hawk the catch of the day. You can get seafood varieties like mackerel, pomfret, sear fish and crabs as well as popular river fish like rohu and catla. You can also take home mutton and chicken.


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