Boozy Lollipops To Paan Cheesecake: Out Of The Box Desserts In Bangalore

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For food lovers, these are exciting times. Everything we know and love about food is being questioned and reinvented. And most of the time the resulting dishes are nothing short of delicious. Chefs in the city are going beyond the first few pages of their menus and are even opening up their dessert sections for experimentation. Paan in cheesecakes, biscuits in gulab jamuns, cutting chai in creme brûlées — it’s all there! However, do note that many of these desserts can be an acquired taste {read weird}. And depends a lot on the preferences of your sweet tooth. LBB scoured dessert menus across the city for the most eccentric sweet treats.

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The Open Box

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Farzi Cafe


Want to give your pizza a sugary twist? Try the Chocolate & Banana Pizza at this popular eatery. Although it’s not part of their dessert section, it sure will give your sweet tooth something to think about. You can sink your teeth into a perfectly-baked crust that’s coated with a thick layer of chocolate sauce, and topped with sliced up bananas and chunks of strawberries {when they are in season}.

Farzi Cafe

This highly-acclaimed restaurant takes childhood treats and gives them a heady twist. Among the many offerings on the dessert menu, we recommend that you try the Bailey’s Lollipop. The spheres of chocolate, on a stick, burst in your mouth to reveal a boozy ice cream interior. Patrons also love the Parle-G Cheesecake. The creamy cheesecake comes sandwiched between the biscuits and stand in a pool of rabri that’s studded with colourful Gems.

The Permit Room

South Indian classics get a modern remake at The Permit Room. The Baked Mysuru Pak Filo Parcels proves to be a refreshing take on the traditional, ghee-doused sweet. You’ll get minuscule, neatly folded filo pastries {like small boxes} that are filled will with molten, warm Mysore Pak. It’s accompanied with slices of kiwi that add freshness to the dish.


Ignore the cries of your soon-to-be-clogged arteries and sign up for the PBJ & Bacon Amazeballs here. The winning PBJ combo is spread onto slices of bread before being wrapped up in bacon and deep fried. The saltiness of the bacon proves to be the perfect foil to the sweetness of the jelly and the vanilla ice cream that accompanies the dish.

The Open Box

Hot comforting beverages rev up the dessert menu at The Open Box. For those of you with a caffeine addiction, their Kapi Kustard is all about taking the good old caramel custard up a notch with a dose of filter coffee. While their Melted Chocolate Lava offering is basically a ganache cake made from hot chocolate. Heavenly! 

Kopper Kadai

After a hearty meal that’s brims over with modern Indian flavours, we recommend that you take your pick from the dessert menu. In the Nutella Dodhalava, the famous, Punjabi dodha burfi {made with cracked wheat and milk} is stuffed with the richness of Nutella. With the Gulab Jamun Biskit, you’ll get spheres of baked jamun stacked on top of each other with discs of cookie crumble separating them. The icing on the cake proves to be the rabri drizzled all around it.

Phobidden Fruit

In Vietnam and other South-East Asian cuisines, the Mung Bean Pudding is fairly common. But it is still a novelty to our taste buds, which is why it finds a mention on this list. While it usually presented in a semi-liquid form {like a kheer}, at Phobidden Fruit it comes as a layered dessert. Sticky rice, mung bean paste, and strawberries form the bulk of the dish that’s then topped with a light coconut sauce.

Toast & Tonic

Since its launch, the Expression of Jaggery has been declared by many as the star on Toast & Tonic’s dessert menu. The highlight of your plate will be the jaggery pot du creme that’s surrounded by bits of banana, jaggery cake and coffee, cardamom ice cream. Noren Gur {a smokey jaggery that’s typical to Bengal} provides the final touch.


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