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    Unlimited Beer For A Month For INR 999: This App Will Get You Lit For Less!

    Nikita posted on 02 November

    Can’t help but chug? This app will help you get drunk for less every time you go out drinking. There is nothing that makes us happier than a mug of chilled beer after a long tiring day in office and FOOM is helping us strike out those mid-week blues with just that. We believe, “Beauty lies the eyes of beer holder” and the subscription plans on this app are helping us stand strong with those beliefs. Here are a few beery cool deals to try.

    First One On Me

    If you’re on FOOM’s subscribers list, you’re in for a free drink every day {365 days a year}, without paying a penny. Yes, we’re not kidding! If your bill is no less than INR 500, you’re entitled to a free drink on the house at any of the bars or pubs listed on the app. Choose between beer, whiskey, gin, rum, vodka or go straight for the shooters, choice is all yours to make. Sounds like a party starter deal!

    Make It Monthly

    Want a little more than one free beer at a time? The monthly subscription plan of INR 999 is the perfect starter kit to get your hands on. This will buy you unlimited beer for four lucky days in a month {pick any day or even Monday}, because we only drink on days that end with a “y”.

    One Week At A Time

    Want to start with a smaller subscription deal? FOOM’s weekly plan for INR 499 is the best deal to get your dose of weekly froth! Register with them for the weekly plan and get unlimited beer any day of the week. Take your squad out for a drink and pay less for more. Unwinding on a Friday couldn’t get better!

    #LBBTip: Refer FOOM to your friends and get a referral bonus of INR 40 in your account. Yay!

    With Big Brewsky, Brew and Barbeque, Gilly’s Restro Bar, Safehouse, Easy Tiger, Bak Bak Bar, Barcode, Pablos, Tippler, The Local, Barleys, Bottle And Glass, Hangover and 50 more amazing restro bars and pubs on their extensive, there are so many options to explore and we can’t keep calm. Head over to a new place every week {or weekend} and FOOM will make sure you get your first drink is for free!

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