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Challenge Accepted? At Just INR 49 Have Unlimited Pani Puris At This Banashankari Joint


    At Agarwal Bhavan, you’ll discover that life’s greatest pleasure of having unlimited pani puris comes at a mere price of INR 49. You can thank us after you’ve stuffed yourself with a bazillion golgappas.

    Unlimited Joy

    Agarwal {not Aggarwal or Agrawal} Bhavan in Padmanabha Nagar {near Banshankari} is your typical North Indian sweet house that serves everything from matka rasgullas to halwas. But for us, the main attraction is the unlimited offer on them pani puris. Being the gluttons and gol gappa addicts that we are, we naturally found this deal to be too irresistible.

    We ordered two plates because we wanted to see which amongst the two of us {me and a pal} would win. And also because it’s a no-share offer {yaay!}. The puris are stuffed with a chaat-masala-flavoured spicy aloo mix {sadly no channas} while the pani wasn’t as spicy as we would have wanted it to be. However, the “Bhaiyya thoda zyada teekha banado” worked wonders for us. Well, to be honest, we really couldn’t keep a track of how many we had, but the guy who was serving us did say that we had about 47 in total. For us, that’s a personal record.


    Skip a meal before going to this place with your friends. Also, call us when you are going.