Dim Sum Lovers, Check Out This Unlimited Deal At This Pan Asian Restaurant

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Mamagoto has introduced an unlimited soups and dim sum offer from Monday to Friday, during lunchtime, to tap into the express lunch crowd.

Deal Breaker

The unlimited soups and dim sum deal offers a choice of three soups to start with — Sweet Corn Soup, Chinese Sour & Pepper, and Tom Yum. You can pick chicken or vegetarian. We actually tried all three soups with chicken, and these were old school Indian-Chinese-style with the clear Tom Yum being our favourite because it came with a bite of chilli. The sweet corn was a blander and sweeter option, but the Chinese Sour & Pepper was tangy and came with loads of egg drops. The portions were generous and the soup will fill you up, so decide how much you want to eat and keep space for the dim sum.

We tried portions of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dumplings, and let’s just say the vegetarian options didn’t interest us much. There was Old School Gyoza {pan fried}, Vegetable Spring Rolls, Street Style Spicy Dumpling, Tibetan-Style Dumplings, and Fried Wontons. We would give the fried wontons a thumbs up here.

You Dim Sum, You Win Some

We would recommend you stick to the non-vegetarian dim sum options if you take up this offer. We started off with the Prawn Toast, which was all kinds of deep-fried goodness. Highly recommended. Next up, do try the Minced Lamb Rolls wrapped in bok choy, Prawn & Celery Dumpling, Old School Chicken Gyoza, and the Pok Choy Chicken Dumpling from among a choice of eight kinds of dim sum. The servings are of course unlimited and cannot be shared, so go with a big appetite.

So, We're Thinking...

You know, and I know that dining at Mamgoto can be an expensive affair, so the deal of unlimited dim sum and soup at INR 649 all-inclusive {yay! no tax} for vegetarian and INR 749 all inclusive for non-vegetarian, might be a decent gamble. Ordinarily, just two plates of dim sum might cost you the price of this deal plus tax. For your money’s worth, have the non-vegetarian options, as they are generous with the fish, meat and poultry too.

The unlimited soup and dim sum deal is currently ongoing.


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