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Go Green Or Go Home: This Nursery & Home Decor Store Is #InstaGoals

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    What Makes It Awesome

    Don’t you miss the Garden City that Bangalore used to be? You can create your own little garden whether you live in an apartment or a bungalow. Take up a pet project and add green spaces to your house for fresh air and to beautify it. Urban Roots is a nursery and home decor store run out of Sarjapur.

    Plants sold here include succulents of different sizes that you could grow in a pot or add to a terrarium. Sansevieria, Adenium flowers and other kinds of exotic plants can be picked up by themselves, in cute pots, or even corals! Mosaic planters with motifs on them make for great gifts to keep at the office or even by your bedside. Pots that look like cactus and teacups make for great home decor while housing your little green friend.

    We really loved their hanging pots since they don’t use up space and add to the greenery anyway. They have some mosaic turtles that double up as pots (they come in a set of three). If you like trees, they have a variety of Bonsai. Finally, you can even pick up nests that have plants growing out of them. Starting at INR 300, you're sure to find something here that's cute, convenient, and cheap.


    If you're lazy to visit their store in Sarjapur, then you can check out their online store and order products from the comfort of your laptop. 

      Available Online