A Heaven For All Falafel Lovers

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What Makes It Awesome?

My vegetarian friend had been longing to try this place for quite some time now, so this weekend we decided to visit it. It's a pretty small and cosy joint that revolves around essentially one dish which is the Humble Falafel. While doing that, they've made sure that the hero behind all their dishes i.e. the Falafel is indeed a hero in itself. It tastes absolutely amazing, crispy on the outside and dense but not so chewy mashed chickpeas inside. They also offer freshly squeezed Juices and Baklava among others. In terms of seating, they have seating both indoors with a counter overlooking the front window, and a couple of tables with high chairs outside.

The items that I tried were:
-Dips Plate (9/10): Baked Pita Chips served with an assortment of dips that included Creamy Tahini, Hummus and Babaghanoush. While Hummus is always a hit, their Babaghanoush is what really surprised me. It was really delicious with a few kernels of Pomegranate Seeds as well.

-Falafel Plate (8.5/10): This was again quite good. Served with 6 Pita Bread and Falafel pieces each, along with a good amount of Hummus, Fried Potatoes and a Salad, this is nothing but pure comfort food. We didn't even talk while eating this.

-Falafel Fatteh (9/10): This was probably my favourite of the night. Something new for the both of us, but so filling and so delicious. This basically had bread cubes mixed with their in house creamy Tahini Sauce. This was further mixed with Pita Chips, Hummus, Fried Cauliflower and Chickpeas which overall gave a nice rich feel to the mouth, but had textural contrasts in terms of crispiness and smoothness.

-Falafel Pita Pocket (9/10): Another dish with loads of Falafel, Roasted Aubergines, Hummus, freshly cut vegetables loaded inside a pita bread by making a pocket out of it. Because of the amount of fillings inside, this just collapsed, but the messier it gets, the tastier it is!

-Freshly Squeezed Juices (9/10): We tried both Orange and Grape juices, both of which were so fresh. And at only about 50/- per glass, it couldn't get better than it. This being light, helped us gobble down all those food items without any problem. They don't even add any sugar to it, and it's as natural as it gets.

-Baklava (9.5/10): One of the better Baklavas available (probably still not the best), but what really strikes me is the price they charge for it. Just 40/- for 2 pieces which is the lowest I've ever seen. And they are indeed delicious, so just visit them for these if nothing else, as I doubt if this can ever be matched in terms of value for money!

Overall, great taste, low prices and great comfort food. It is quite healthy, with loads of vegetables, Hummus and Falafel and no sugar fresh juices. All in all, an amazing place with just too much potential.

What Could Be Better?

Can add non-vegetarian options maybe!

How Much Did It Cost?

Under ₹500

Best To Go With?

Bae, Family

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