Ten-second takeaway

Bakers par excellence, OG Variar & Sons Bakery have been serving their ever-growing, ever-loyal customer base with buttery biscuits, tea cakes, and other snacks since the 1950s.

The moonlighting baker

Many moons ago, it is said, a teenage Govinda Variar, a native of Kerala, used to spend his nights baking biscuits and breads. He found success in no time and started a small bakery in Guttahalli. When the crowds kept growing, the iconic OG Variar & Sons Bakery was established in Rajajinagar. When you land up there, there’s really nothing worth looking at. Just a staid shop with a hand-painted signage. But the fresh aroma of hot, baked goodies will haul you inside in a jiffy.

Sweet ‘n’ Salt

Inside, you’ll find yourself in a brightly lit room, that teems with workers, clad in white and going about their business. The large cases will immediately have your undivided attention, and you won’t mind a bit elbowing your way through the ever-present crowd to get to the goodies {Ladies, fear not! You have a separate counter where life is a bit easier}.

The bakery’s menu is limited. But every item is worth sinking your teeth into. We particularly recommend that you take home packets of their biscuits. The slender milk biscuits have a lovely snap to them and just the right amount of sweetness. It’s a sure hit with the kiddies and the grown ups. Also, try the smooth butter biscuits that melt in your mouth within the blink of an eye. The spiced Kara biscuits, the slightly chewy coconut ones and the cashew versions are all stellar.

OG Variar also does a range of no-fuss tea cakes. Their downy fruit and plum cakes can effortlessly brighten up your tea time. If you’d like to grab a bite right there {and we don’t blame you}, get your grubby hands on these flaky puffs or slices of dil pasand {loaded with tutti frutti and coconut shavings}, and you’ll leave with a big smile on your face.

Where:  68, 12 Main Road, 2nd Block, near ESI Hospital, Rajajinagar and 1217, 20th Main Road, 5th Block, near Focus Diagnosis Center, WC Road, Rajajinagar

When: 9am-9pm

Contact: 080 23324808 

Price: INR 15 onwards

Featured image via: Just Dial