Ten-Second Takeaway

Vashi’s Jean Shack {now known as Vashi’s House of Jeans}, the iconic thirty-year-old store might have shifted venue, but the denims these guys stock are still as good as it gets.

The Pair With Your Name On It


Skinny, straight, boot cut or even printed {think florals, tiny prints and even ikat}, acid-washed or coloured, if you desire a pair of denims that is flattering to your body type {petite, regular and plus sizes}, then Vashi’s will find a pair for you. As soon as you walk in, a smiling staff will give you a quick look over {not in a creepy way}. Relax. This is just to gauge your size and find you the right pair.

Once you have settled on the style you want {we love their skinny fit}, you will be gently nudged to try it out. Nine out of ten times {at least that’s our score}, the trial denims have turned out to be the exact fit. And they even have trendy coloured linen trousers, leggings to suit all body types, and the quintessential Bangalore-style shorts which work for ‘casual smart’ parties!

The Ritual

While you can’t stop admiring yourself in the mirror, the staff will deftly make markings for a length alteration and send it to the tailor next door for a fix. The tradition here is that while your jeans get altered, you hotfoot it to Woody’s {now a bit further up Commercial Street from the new location} and finish a tumbler of filter coffee, just in time for you to come back and collect your brand new pair.

It’s In Your Jeans

Last year, when Vashi’s announced that they would shut shop, there was collective mourning when fans took to social media to express their shock and disappointment. But the staff, who remain the same, tell us that the shop actually shut only for a short while, before moving house to a much bigger space, not to far from the original location.¬†Good for us. We will still have access to jeans that fit like a dream.

All Photos: Devika Raman