Board Game Enthusiasts, Check Out This Cool Community That Meets For Game Nights Every Saturday

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Bringing back the glory days of board games, this cool community of board game enthusiasts, Victory Point. They go beyond Monopoly and Ludo and introduces first-timers and avid enthusiasts to games like Avalon, Pandemic, and Terraforming Mars. 

What Makes It Awesome

A board gaming community that's all about chilling out together for a solid eight hours playing board games of all kinds, Victory Point goes well beyond the realm Monopoly, Ludo, and Snakes & Ladder and introduces far more interesting and addictive board games. War, strategy, cooperative, roll and move, area building, secret identity, and puzzle games are some of the categories that these guys focus on. And they have games like Village, Tzolk'in, Terra Mystica, Gaia Project, Terraforming Mars, and Akrotiri that fit these categories. We are not telling you anything about these games, go attend one of their meetups! 

The group meets every Saturday at Dialogues from 3 pm to 11 pm and for those looking to spend their Saturdays doing something fun and productive, and not go drinking, you definitely need to check them out. We did and we played Avalon, a fantasy quest game similar to Mafia, and ended enjoying it so much that we are going back for more. It's also got to do with the fact that, the community has a rather positive vibe with friendly competitiveness. None of that rage fest or sore loser vibes! Plus, even if you are a noob, the group is super nice (and very patient) and will explain the rules of the game until you get a hang of it. Avalon was explained at least five times. 


If you have a game that you think people you need to know, you are more than welcome to bring it and introduce it to the group. Also, the group is free to all and anyone and everyone can attend it. However, since they rent out the venues, a small venue price is charged accordingly. The price is usually inclusive of food.