For Ghee-Soaked Dosas, Head To This Iconic Basavangudi Restaurant

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What Makes It Awesome

Vidhyarthi Bhavan, the legendary eatery has been reigning supreme in the dosa and coffee department since 1943. Whether you’re a true blue Bangalorean or a noob in town, you owe this place a pilgrimage. The ravenous students of National High School and Acharya Patashala, inspired Venkatramana Ural, a native of Udupi, to start a small canteen just for them in 1943. The prices were kept low and the food, delicious. Soon, word spread beyond the student community, and the adults flocked in. Flanked by the colourful stalls of Gandhi Bazaar, Vidhyarthi Bhavan sits unassumingly in the midst of the bustling market.

After supplying your name to the waiting attendant, you wait around in a small courtyard with other hungry customers. Once in, you grab the nearest vacant bench. Soon, one of the waiters, with his dhoti folded up to his waist, makes an appearance and takes your order; they never use a pen or paper and yet their orders are always spot on. 

Try their Khara Bhath doused in chutney. It's smooth and melts in the mouth, unlike any rava upma. The Kesari Bhath is a bright, neon-yellow blob that’s been cooked in generous amounts of ghee. It’s a joy to eat and you’ll soon be licking your spoon clean. Next, the piece de la resistance, the Masala Dosa arrives, neatly stacked on the waiter’s arm — you’ll need to see it to believe it! Once it is plonked down, you’ll immediately notice the golden pool of melted ghee oozing from the dark-brown dosa. And here is the magic — it’s the perfect creation which is crisp on the outside, and miraculously fluffy inside. It is truly one of the best you’ll ever have. Tumblers of frothy coffee are the last thing you can savour before you make your exit.


The restaurant is now open for dine-in service at 50% capacity and you can also order it home through the food delivery apps functional in the city. However, they are shut on Fridays, so keep this in mind before heading there.


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