Save The World From A Zombie Apocalypse At This VR Room In Koramangala

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Always wanted to save the world from a zombie apocalypse? Well, you can do that thanks to VRROOM’s VR experience centre in Koramangala.

Enter Virtual Reality

We are in a facility, all our senses on high alert when suddenly a zombie starts coming towards us. We take out our pistols and shoot the zombie till kingdom come. He’s down, but turn around and we realise the entire facility is swarming with zombies. We are panicking. We are shooting left, right and centre — some on target, others miles away — and suddenly our vision goes blank. A voice tells us that we have died. Feeling dejected but nonetheless exhilarated, we take off our HTC Vive VR headset. After all, we did try to stop a zombie apocalypse.

That voice was Snehashish, one of the co-founders at VRROOM and he tells us that the centre is all about the world of virtual reality and making sure everyone dives deep into it. The team is equipped with the latest VR technology, Vive and Oculus Rift, and handpicked games, films, and immersive experiences to ensure that the time you spend in virtual reality is worth it. And trust us, it’s is as real as it can get without being real!

Immersive And Interactive

If The Walking Dead type of game isn’t for you, check out the Ultimate Booster — an amusement park ride that will have you swinging and flying. Easy peasy or so we thought until we were almost on the floor. Turns out the game did a brilliant job of making us believe that we were dropping some 750-meters off the ground. We came out of the game sweating, knees weak and vowing to make some unwitting friend of ours to try it. We are nice that way.

All the games, films, and experiences are have something called the IIT factor. IIT stands for Immersive, Interactive, and Thrill. If you look at the game card at the centre, you will see the IIT levels for each of the experiences. For instance, Zombie Buster {the game we played} is high on all three factors while the Ultimate Booster is zero on the Interactive front, so pick wisely. While their current outlet inside EatStreet Koramangala is designed to accommodate two to three people at a time, they are looking to expand to malls. And more exciting is the fact that they will even bring these VR experiences to your office, house party, or corporate event. They have packages and rental services, should you be interested in pitching VR has the next team activity to your HR.

So, what are you waiting for? Go send out invitations for your VR party.

Price: INR 120 upwards


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