Your Budget Furniture Shopping Sorted At This Cane Furniture Store In Jayanagar

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What Makes It Awesome

Vishal Cane Furniture shop is just like every other cane shop albeit this one has all the cane furniture pieces neatly arranged like it’s on display at Home Centre. Amongst the cane swings, the armchairs, and sofa sets, finding something is a bit hard but luckily the guys there will help you out. Say you don’t want a three-seater sofa for your place, they will hook you up with other designs. And if custom designs are what you are looking for, these guys will be more than happy to help you out. Coffee tables, teapoys, and baskets that could use for anything from keeping books to laundry are other items you find here.

The rates for bespoke furniture depends on the design and how much man-hours is spent on it, so the rates could start anywhere from INR 3,000 and above. The sofa sets start from as low as INR 8,000, while armchairs start from INR 850 and above. Bookshelves are priced according to the design and the lowest we found was at INR 1,500. 

What Could Be Better

Should you give them stuff for repair (either bought there, or otherwise), don't expect it back quickly. They are known to take their own sweet time in fixing damaged pieces. 


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