Visit The Dak Bungalow For A Completely Enchanting Getaway

Urvee posted on 10 May


Nestled away in Peora, a small Kumaoni hamlet, the Dak Bungalow was once home to travelling British officials, and is now a quaint, refurbished homestay.

Very Very Old-School

Built in 1905, this old bungalow still features the original architecture, wooden ceilings, walls and fireplaces, retaining that old-world colonial feel. It also offers stunning views from the {also original} verandahs, and we’re pretty sure if you close your eyes you’d almost believe it was still 1905. The lack of network connectivity and Wi-Fi will add to that, but we’re not complaining.

Rooms With A View

There are two suites and one double room—each has a fireplace, wooden ceilings, a small kitchenette, double beds, and a verandah that overlooks the valley and mountains; perfect for that evening cup of chai. The hosts, Shubha and Pradeep, are more than willing to share simple, home-made {vegetarian} meals with you if you don’t feel like cooking your own food; don’t forget to give them a24-hour notice though.

PS: We hear the aloo tikki burgers that Shubha makes are fabulous!

Getting There

The closest town is Almora, 28 kilometres away. If you’re catching a train or a bus however, the nearest railway station is Kathgodam and the nearest bus stop is at Haldwani. Peora is about a three-hour car ride away from these. 

Personally, we’d advise you to visit Dak Bungalow and do absolutely nothing, but if you’re one of those people, there’s enough options. Walk through the village, have a cosy picnic in the forest {watch out for Yogi bear} or, our favourite, volunteer at a local NGO, Aarohi.


They only accept cash, and the nearest ATM is in Almora, so go prepared.

Price: INR 2,500 upwards

Contact: Write to to book a stay