Whacky Cocktails and Cocktail Names at Barebones

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Corn Cutlets and Crunchy Pork


Don’t Touch My Moustache and A Prince of Wales

Winning For

A well-stocked bar, delicious nibbles and classic hits on the speakers

Drinks ahoy!

We started off with cheekily-named cocktails: Don’t Touch My Moustache and A Prince of Wales. What came to our table were two pink concoctions {we’re glad that the macho-sounding cocktails are in touch with their feminine side}. Don’t Touch My Moustache was a frothy, dark-pink drink that smelt like ice cream and had a sweet tinge to it thanks to the grenadine syrup and the pineapple juice. However, the coconut rum comes through nicely. A Prince of Wales was pale pink and fizzy, came in a champagne flute and reminded us of the late Lady Di. The sparkling wine blends in beautifully with the warm whisky and the muddled pineapple, making it a potent cocktail.

What we ate

Along with our cocktails came the Corn Cutlets, the crunchy, crumb-fried outer coating gave away to soft mash of potatoes and corn. The mint chutney that accompanied gave the cutlets a hint of spice. We also loved the Crunchy Pork – slivers of meat tossed in a spicy mix. If you like to dial up the heat, Buffalo Wings in a wicked BBQ sauce should be your go-to bar nosh.

Main course at Bare Bones means burgers. We picked the Hot Chicka Burger, from the bar’s menu, and we were given a humungous one. The lightly toasted buns contained a slightly bland chicken patty {made better with jalapenos}, a pile of veggies, and a slice of cheese. The Peri Peri Pork Chops, from sister concern 3Oh’3 downstairs, were cooked well but the sauce lacked punch.

The DL on the ambience

An alfresco setting with bar stools leads to interiors with sepia posters featuring brews, absinthe and other tipple hanging from grey walls. A string of dim lights dangle from the bare-bricked bar counter, just in case you can’t find your way to the most important section of the place!

So we’re thinking…

While facing stiff competition from nearby favourites, Bare Bones might stand tall for it signature cocktails and finger foods.

Where: 303, Ashok Terrace, 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar

Price: INR 2,500 plus tax for two {approx.}

Contact: 080 65656572

Find them on Facebook here.