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Artisan Wall Hangings And Decor That Will Have You Hooked

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E Craft India

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What Makes It Awesome

Deriving inspiration from Rajasthani karigari and having some of the finest artisan communities and artists in India make wall hangings, eCraftIndia is a brand that needs to be out there. Known for their metal and wood wall hangings and figurines, this brand is bound to add the extra dose of panache to your home spaces. Their products are all handcrafted and made with love to ensure that once you buy these products, you’d be more inclined towards preserving Indian art forms and indigenuos cultures. 

Ask us about our favourite picks and we’ll say we loved the wall hanging figurine depicting a man trying to climb a wall. The bronze looking figure of a man had an artsy modern edge and we loved it for just that. There’s also one with a man running that you might prefer. If you want something more colourful, try the tribal musician playing instruments whereas if you want something more contemporary, you could try their wooden wall art quote cutouts that are just perfect for light-coloured walls. Coming back to the roots, we would urge you to buy the brown metal wall hangings that exhibit a bunch of musicians playing instruments for those of you wanting that connection to your folklore. They even have nameplates on offer. Buy their products from LBB Shop to adorn your walls.