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This Organisation Takes E-Waste And Turns Them Into Books & Lamps For A Good Cause

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    Wastecraft is transforming our heaps of wires, old headphones and chewed-out chargers into useful goodies and the proceeds earned will bring electricity to remote villages in Arunachal Pradesh.

    One Man's Trash

    Starting off as a fundraising platform for the Batti Project that lights up villages in Arunachal Pradesh, Wastecraft is now a two-year-old organisation that breathes new life into our tangled wires and broken phones by upcycling our e-waste into books, stationery, lamps, earrings and more. Recognising the value of waste and its potential, Wastecraft works with artists from all over the country to create useful products, like pendants from computer chips and books from cassette tapes, cutting down on consumption of raw materials.

    All the e-waste that hasn’t been used to create something new is recycled through electronic waste processing units and proceeds earned will continue to be donated to light up homes in Arunachal Pradesh. Popping up at exhibitions quite frequently, you’ll know where to find them if you follow their Facebook page here, as they keep updating it with their schedules. Hit them up and buy some of their nifty stuff for a good cause. Prices range from an easy INR 150 to INR 1,500.

    Be The Change

    The benefits of this system are manifold. Get rid of your electronic junk, create a cleaner, greener planet and bring light to a whole village in one go. The obvious way in which you can help out is by donating your e-waste to Wastecraft. They will come and collect it from you. Just give them a shout out by hitting them up on their website here or through Facebook here. You can also volunteer with the organisation and help out in many other ways too. So tidy up and keep your e-waste ready for donations. Also, support the cause by purchasing their sustainable and eco-friendly merch.


    You should be able to catch Wastecraft at the upcoming edition of Sunday Soul Sante.

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