Water Lily To Grassy Lemon: Bring Home Hand-Poured Vegan Healing Candles From This Brand

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Batti Gul

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What Makes It Awesome

Scented candles are in a rage, with almost every chandler (no, not Chandler Bing, we mean a candlemaker!) doing something crazy. Enter Batti Gul who goes beyond the realm of scented candles that are not only vegan and hand-poured, but also completely bio-degradable and free of chemicals! They aren't just fragrant, they are also crystal-infused for the mood you want to set. For instance, their Master Healer scented candles come with clear crystal quartz and blueberry fragrance -- it's perfect during yoga sesh or meditation. The Babu Rao Ka Style scented candles are perfect for uplifting the mood thanks to the Mandarin and Peach fragrance infused into them.

If you are looking for regular scented candles, they have that too and in interesting fragrances that will leave your space smelling fresh and happy. Think jasmine and lavender fragrances for the living room, grassy lemon and cherry magnolia for the bathrooms, and apple cinnamon and water lilly for the bedroom. All of these candles come in reusable jars, so you can always use them for decor or to keep things stored in.

There's also an entire collection of festival-themed and quote candles too. Better news is that these options are also available in the form of aroma bars you just hang around the house. They come with a cotton string making it easier. Just check out the Instagram handle for the entire collection as well as placing orders.

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