Getting Married? Share Your Wedding Wishlist With Your Guests

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Thanks to, the modern age gift registry, you can sign up to get everything from scuba diving classes to new couches as presents on your wedding!

What Makes It Awesome

Move over 10 pressure cookers, 12 photo frames, nine vases and all those unnecessary bouquets of flowers. Make way for, a platform for (millennial or millennial at heart) couples who want to make sure that the gifts are as memorable (and useful) as the wedding! 

For those looking to fund their honeymoon or that hipster new apartment, you can easily do so by picking cash, holiday, charities, gift cards or home decor sites. Within these websites, you can pick out specific products, or just ask guests to pitch in with money towards a larger gift. If your peeps are generous, then they’ll buy them in full! But for those with eternally skint friends, there are options to contribute any amount they choose! The couple can choose to get their gifts delivered when and where they want, so no worries if you prefer deferring it to when you’re moving to a new place. 


Additionally, Wedding Wishlist offers other apps or tools such as Guested which helps with guest logistics, Vowed that takes care of the couple and close guests, as well as checklists for the bride, a budget app and e-vite creators. Oh, and that elusive list of wedding vendors across India? Yup, they have that too! 


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