Weekend Hangover Breakfasts at The Biere Club Make A Comeback

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After a break, the elaborate Sunday breakfasts at The Biere Club are back and promise to quell your raging hangover.

The breakfast of champions

Omelettes, frittatas, scrambled eggs, French Toast, pancakes, pizzas and salads – you crave it and they’ve got it. Start off by greasing up your palate with generous helpings of ham, bacon, and baked beans. Once your appetite is prepped up, then, move onto fluffy frittatas and vegan tofu scrambles that pair off superbly with stacks of pancakes drizzled with sticky, toffee bananas or blueberries.

Hangover cured

The wise people at The Biere Club cure your hangover in the best possible way – by getting you to guzzle down a whole lot more. Pitchers of biere, sangrias, biere cocktails, and mojitos make their way to you too.

Where: 20/2, Vittal Mallya Road and 153, Biere Street, Whitefield

When: Sundays, 11am-4pm

Price: INR1,000 {approx.} for two

Contact: 080 42124383 or +91 9845574576

Find them on Facebook here.

Check out their website here.


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