This Doodle Brand Makes You Cherish Memories On Practically Any Surface!

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What Makes It Awesome

Doodles are cute, personalized and make for an amazing gifting option so here’s your chance to get one. What’s Your Doodle started and owned by Manisha creates personalized doodles on pretty much anything, to celebrate anyone, anywhere or anything. Want to celebrate Christmas with bae around a dolled up city landmark but can’t because of COVID? Send Manisha an image of the two of you and have the landmark along with your favourite memories there doodled on a surface of your choice (read: cups, boxes, or any workable surface). 

While the standard A4 paper is the classic go to for most people, you can opt from A3, A1, Jewelry Boxes or just about any doodleable surface. The use of OHP sheets imparts a unique lustre to the artwork, and each image, be it of your loved one, fam or squad, has to be sent in through a PDF. The picture is then converted to black and white print with artwork of your favourite memories done around it. You can now also place orders for painted portraits that would be hand-painted along with the doodling of your favourite artwork ofcourse. Send in an image and have the theme sorted. 

Their range starts from INR 1,200 and  delivery is pan-India. Contact her through Instagram, WhatsApp or ring her up and you can place orders from anywhere in India, to reach you by a week’s time. For every order placed, there is customisation in terms of the art that goes into it which includes your friendly motifs, symbols and inside banter. All of which will instantly launch a smile on your face and remind you of the most fond memories. 


Bulk orders are accepted as long as there is adequate time given to complete the orders.

COVID-19 Update - Due to lockdown restrictions, delivery might be limited to Bangalore. Delivery to other parts of India might be affected as well. 


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