Head To This Whitefield Gym For Its Convenient Location And Fitness Packages

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Total Fitness in Whitefield gives you the option to access not only traditional gymming, but also its range of classes for mixed martial arts, Zumba and CrossFit, all part of a convenient package. Plus, you can also hit the gym anytime between 5am to 10pm daily, which means easy accessibility before and after work hours.

Join The Fitness Bandwagon

Located on Varthur Main Road, near Forum Neighbourhood Mall, Total Fitness Whitefield is a fitness centre and gym that offers services ranging from mixed martial arts and CrossFit to Zumba. Which means, you can being some fun into your fitness routines rather than just traditional gymming. Plus, the location is quite accessible from rest of Whitefield. The gym has a large space, with evenly spaced areas for no clutter. The technical equipment has treadmills, cycles and cross trainers. And when you get to the weights section, the equipment is endless. From a traditional bench press with the bar to dumbells of ranging weights, the gym is stocked. They have a punching bag and speed ball for the boxing enthusiasts and have a designated area for CrossFit. Sign up for the zumba and partake in the high energy dance with pumping music and have a good time while burning those calories.

Pump, Dance, Fight

The team of trainers at Total Fitness, Whitefield comprise a nutritionist, an international level body builder and a team of professional trainers. So, you will have the choice to have the right workout chalked out for you, the right diet to supplement the workout and trainers ho might become your workout buddies. Sounds like a plan right? A membership at this gym costs INR 3,000 per month but they have rates for quarterly, half yearly and annually as well, which are reduced {ask them for discounts} and make more sense in the long run. If you’re interested in more than just the iron, then you can take the combined membership, with an all access pass to facilities like Zumba, CrossFit, and MMA. This is INR 4,000 a month and INR 10,000 a quarter. Individual monthly rates also apply for CrossFit {INR 3,000} and Zumba {INR 1,500}.


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