Rooftop Meetings, Table Tennis And Indoor Plants: Why We Love This CBD Co-Working Space

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What Makes It Awesome

In the startup capital of the country, we’ve seen many quirky co-working spaces pop up in Namma Bengaluru. Adding to that list is Wolfpack Workspaces, a co-work space in Vasanth Nagar, which we’re loving for its gorgeous set up with plenty of green plants peeking through from every corner. The rooftop lounges and ping pong rooms, working seems like it’ll be a blast at Wolfpack. Their rooftop lounge area, with a bright green lawn, seems like a great place to get some work done while sipping on a hot cuppa. Maybe you’ll actually look forward to meetings that happen here.

Want to keep it private and professional? They have mini cabins and meeting rooms that are sure to inspire your team to bring their top game to work. Although it’s quite difficult to feel stressed in an environment that has so many plants around, when you do get a little flustered and overwhelmed, just head on down to their ping pong room for a quick table tennis break. Centrally located, Wolfpack is just a stone’s throw away from eateries and restaurants like Pasta Street, Millers 46 and Infinitea, for you to hit up when those hunger pangs strike. But they do serve tea and coffee here and have an onsite staff to make sure you’re comfortable. Their prices start at INR 7,999 per month for an open desk with free wifi, recreational facilities and lounge access. 

So if you want a flexible working environment, hit them up and check out their easy breezy space.


With membership plans, storage space and plenty of parking (phew!) they’ve got all your needs and comforts covered.


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