Wuff It Out And Workout With Your Doggy Friend At These Places Around Town

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Don’t you just hate it when your running partner makes excuses and doesn’t turn up? Here’s a partner that won’t flake out: your pooch. Grab your best bud and head to these places to bust your butt while making your pup super happy!

Play Date at Cubbon Park

Your doggo will be stoked to follow you around in Cubbon Park as you run and get that heart-thumping cardio. Cubbon Park is totally pet-friendly and also fenced so you can unleash them without worry and catch some of that contagious energy to help burn your own calories!

Petboro Dog Park

The Petboro Dog Park in Whitefield is the perfect place for your bud to get an obstacle-course style workout. Help him/her out through criss-cross posts, wooden bridges and hoops. The park has a trainer on-call, but you running after them and helping them through the challenges is definitely gonna give you that much needed workout.

Pet Shack

Did you know your dog is a natural swimmer? Yup! And what better way to tone those muscles than some aqua therapy? Aaskar Pet Resort opens its pool on the weekends and you and your pooch can go for a relaxing swim. If you want to make it more intense for the both of you, get a floating toy and play fetch! The resistance the water offers is perfect strength training and doggo will love it too!

Play Arena

Learning something new with your dog is a great way to bond. All while you get the exercise you need. Head to Play Arena and pick up skateboarding. Because Play Arena’s pet-friendly, you can skate while your dog follows you around and burns off his/her excess energy. You’ll have so much fun, you’ll forget you’re seriously working your core! Try and give the pooch a try too, why don’t you?

Dog Park At Elephant Pond

Unleash the puppers at Bangalore’s first off-the-leash private dog park. While the one acre open space is great for your pooch to run around in, it doesn’t give you much to do. So head to their trails, outside the cordoned-off one acre land, and run wild with your best friend. Their excitement is enough to change your lazy Sunday into a crazy one!