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Xanadu Can Build You Your Own Magical Garden In Any Part Of Your Home


    Bangalore-based Xanadu Organic Gardens designs gardens and patios for those who like to be surrounded by greenery. Plus, they are big on up cycling too.

    For The Love Of Greenery

    Have a spare part of your home you’re doing nothing with? Grow a garden. In fact, Xanadu, run by Yohan DeNazareth and Mervyn De Nazareth, will do it for you. The two brothers come from a nature-loving family and have spent a lot of their time in the wilderness of their Banerghatta farmhouse while growing up. They love wildlife treks, animals and Yohan took up organic gardening as a hobby after quitting his job in Human Resources. After setting up gardens for friends and family, the brothers realised that they could do this full-time. Mervyn studied at Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology and brings in his design expertise to the table. The name Xanadu is inspired by Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s famous poem Kubla Khan and also by the gardens of the mythical summer palace of the emperor of China, Kublai Khan.

    How Green Is My Garden

    Don’t know where to start with your own garden? No worries. A team from Xanadu will come over to your place, examine your space and recommend options, based on which you can make your decisions. Apart from garden-customisation, they also specialise in installations in other urban spaces such as balconies, terraces and yards. They also offer supplies and services for your garden needs and deal in ornamental plants, herbs, vegetables, fruits, medicinal and aromatic plants.

    Team Green Thumb

    If you already possess a garden {lucky you} and want to change the look of it, they can even give it a makeover. Most of their products are eco-friendly and organic. They also make garden accessories from environmental-friendly, up-cycled and recycled materials including wood, bamboo, steel, clay, terracotta and glass. If you have odds and ends lying around at home, just pass them on to Xanadu. They will find a way to up-cycle them. So go do your bit, plants and trees are never a bad idea, with a little help from Xanadu.

    Price: INR 30,000 {approx} for a garden makeover; INR 250 for products

    Contact: +91 8884555869 +91 9916920749 or e-mail them at

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