This Bangalore Artist Will Personally Teach You Decoupage And You Can Show Off

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Loved by the internet, Yelling Yellow’s Divya Thallap is one of the best known decoupage artists around. And you too can pick up the art at her monthly workshops.

What Makes It Awesome

Fifteen years ago, “army brat” Divya Thallap moved to Bangalore and started training at Chitrakala Parishat as a graphic designer. She then went on to take up gigs in the corporate world and, a few years, kicked off Yelling Yellow, her own design venture, on the side.

Through Yelling Yellow, Thallap designs art supplies for brands like Papercraft and also uploads tutorials on her Youtube channel. Her main passion is decoupage and she wants to share the knowledge and make the art accessible to as many budding artists as possible. Which is why, she now offers customised classes at her Whitefield studio. Since she was one of the early artists to embrace decoupage, Thallap now has more than five years of experience in the craft under her belt. And since she’s such an established name people come from near and afar to participate in her once-in-a-month workshops. Each workshop have a maximum of six people and she packs in four to five projects in ten to twelve hours so that you get maximum bang for your buck.

Thallap also provides all the supplies, and these workshops are open to novices and somewhat-pros. Post the workshop, Thallap is open to providing tips and tricks on emails and will also help you out if you want make decoupage into a business. The workshops cost INR 7,000 – 8000 and you can follow Yelling Yellow on Facebook for updates on the next one.


Navya considers herself to be the Cassandra of the 21st century – no one ever listens to the wisdom that she so willingly imparts. This is the only Greek tragedy element in her otherwise happy life. She’s got her Husband Charming, has perfected the art of sarcasm, is always fed copious amounts of good food, and is well on her way to self-actualization.