Jumpstart Your Morning With YNotBreakfast’s Home-Delivered Brekkie

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Start off your day on the right note with YNotBreakfast’s menu that promises healthy and yummy breakfast options, delivered to your desk at work or your home.

Good morning!

Nutrition experts unanimously agree that breakfast is the most important meal of our day. However, many of us choose to skip it for want of time or just plain laziness. Either way, signing up for YNotBreakfast can get you your morning fill without venturing into the kitchen.

The breakfast box service operates on all seven days of the week and home delivers your chosen items between 7 and 11am. The rotating menu offers everything from crepes to set dosas, idlis, pancakes, parfaits and fresh-fruit juices. YNotBreakfast delivers in the Marathahalli, Brookefield, and Whitefield areas for now. You are given the option of booking your brekkie in advance if you need it early and on time.

Taste test

As we trooped into office one fine morning, YNotBreakfast boxes lay waiting for us. We started off with bites of the panini sandwich which came filled with a vegetable {surprisingly it included aubergine} filling and a creamy dressing. While we would have liked the bread to be a bit more downier, we had no problems polishing this one off. The chocolate and banana crepes drizzled with maple syrup too was a crowd pleaser. The crepes were thin and delicate and the chocolate and banana helpings were generous enough.

Next, we moved on to the uthappams and chutney combo. We happily tucked into the mini-sized uthappams – one made with the regular onion mix and the other came with kernels of sweet corn. However, we were bummed out by the papaya and watermelon cut fruit serving that it came with. The pieces of fruit were drenched in a tangy dressing that we didn’t enjoy at all. Going forward, we hope YNotBreakfast skips the dressing and sticks to fresh, no-fuss pieces of fruit. The watered-down, sugary Watermelon juice too is something we’ll readily skip the next time around.

When: 7am-11am. They only operate in the Whitfield-Marathahalli area as of now.

Price: INR 70 onwards for individual items, INR 45o for a 5-day subscription

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