Yoky Tag Will Make Sure You Never Lose Anything Again

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A customisable tracking gadget, you can attach the Yoky Tag to things like your phone or wallet, and the app will help you find it if it gets lost.

Playing Tag

If U2 had Yoky Tag, they’d never have created Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For. Because this nifty device is fantastic to help the scatter-brained {and proud} keep track of things such as phones, wallets, bags. We took it out for a spin, and thus far we’re impressed. At least we can get back some things we lose!

Once you receive your customised tag, download the app, link the device to your phone through Bluetooth and you’re good to go. I tend to leave keys behind. So keys were tagged. Naturally, that evening, I couldn’t find them. But, for the first time, I wasn’t frantically turning my home inside out. I kept calm and Yoky Tagged it. From a red dot warning me that I am 50 metres away to warm auburn telling me I got closer, it’s like playing Marco Polo. When you get super close, it’ll read “Right Next To You”. While it involves a little bit of looking around, it’s far better than scavenging for a phone in a massive, dark night club. Right?

Lost And Found

And that is not even the best part! This divine device works both ways. If you leave your phone behind with tagged item in hand, you’ll be alerted about that too because the BlueTooth link is lost. For those who have palatial houses, worry not. The Safe Location feature {locations like your home or office} can be marked and when in that safe radius, the Yoky Tag won’t bother you with unnecessary alerts.

Fitness buffs, you’ll be pleased to know there’s a pedometer feature that counts steps, distance and calories. I keep it on all day now as this is one of the few apps that differentiates actual walking or running from vehicle rides. Any flight you take isn’t confused with taking steps either, although we wish we could climb 6kms with of stairs.

In fact, I even tried it on my niece in a mall. Most useful to keep track of her. Also great to play tag, and cheat with this one. But that’s just me. I told you it was nifty, didn’t I?


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