Get Your Space To Look As Lush And Green As Big Brewsky With A Little Help From Your Green Canvas

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What Makes It Awesome

If you’re loving the stunning landscaping and lush green at hangs like Big Brewsky and Via Milano and want some of that green, hit up the plant lovers at Your Green Canvas, the folks responsible for it! Dealing with a host of indoor products from a whole range of terrariums to succulent gardens, these guys do it all when it comes to planters and indoor gardening. Their closed terrariums intricately designed to fit inside a glass bottle are both detailed and lovely.

We love their glass bowl terrariums that come in many sizes to suit any space, including ones you can hang from a stand, perfect to add that hint of green to your apartment. Our other favourites include their Insta-worthy mini gardens made with succulents with prices starting at a reasonable INR 500. Entirely customisable too, you can pick your plants and designs and let the master planters at Your Green Canvas deliver a result that you’re sure to be happy with. Drop them a message on social media a few days prior and they’ll have what you’re looking for ready and delivered to you.

Your Green Canvas also does terrariums as corporate gifts. Apart from terrariums, they also sell eco friendly planters made of materials like bamboo, reclaimed pallet boxes, jute, terracotta, and coconut among others. Their social media currently announces what they have in stock. If they don't have what you have an eye on, they will source it for you too. 


Covid-19 Update: Your Green Canvas is presently taking orders via their website and Instagram. They ship only plants across India for now, you will soon be able to shop for terrariums too, we're told. If you're based out of Bangalore freely shop for anything you'd like from their catalog.


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