You're Going to Want to Get Your Hands on This Bag!

    Namrata posted on 27 November

    There’s definitely a plethora of reasons to get excited about Magnetic Fields, but let’s face it, we’ve still got a bit of a wait. There’s lots of planning to do though, and while you decide what outfits are going to make it to your suitcase, let us drop this gem here: Nappa Dori has officially released the Magnetic Fields bag.

    Part of their collaboration with the festival, this beauty stays true to the signature Nappa Dori aesthetic, but they’ve kept the elements of Magnetic Fields in mind so it’s high on the fun {and utility} factor.

    If you’re not headed to the multi-faceted festival, at least you can have a piece of it. It’s selling for only INR 3,600 and stocks are limited, so hop to it!

    Shop the bags here.

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