Ecodeeds: A Chance To Live A Sustainable & Zero Waste Life With These Reusable Products

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What Makes It Awesome

Here's a neat thought, and we mean literally neat because it involves zero waste generation! Ditch the consumerist lifestyle for something sustainable, something you could be proud of? An ecodeed, perhaps? Exactly named that, Ecodeeds advocates “reduce your waste footprint, step at a time!”

This brand is lovable from the name, and we admire what it stands for. Founder, Gargeeg has solely created simple products that are useful with a high reusability factor. Unlike going the paper route that generates waste, all of them are cotton cloth based. The cutesy Cutlery Pouches are super handy and come in prints (reindeers for Christmas too!). It comes with a spoon, fork, soda spoon, steel straw, coir straw cleaner and a small cotton napkin. Now you won’t forget that spoon you desperately need at lunchtime, or on a picnic. Multipurpose, these pouches can hold your makeup, stationery or paint tools. These retail for INR 559.

For skin care,  pick the reusable Facial Cleaners (INR 105). These are nifty alternatives to single use cotton balls and remove makeup or even wipe off a face mask. The Natural Body Loofahs come in a set of two for INR 79, are plant-based, made of vegetable gourd, and great to exfoliate the skin. Finally, we're buying the cloth bags that make for great grocery shopping companions,  the recyclable envelopes, and seed pencils (a set of four for INR 35). The pencils have coriander seeds, so simply stick it into a pot once you're done using!


Ecodeeds has gift options too and you should order the Bridal Favours Set (INR 160) and the Low Waste Starter Kit (that comes with all products only for INR 1,100). An added bonus is, in the description for each product on the website, you will also find tips on how to use and care for what you are specifically buying!