Basic Babes, (And Babies) On A Budget? This Clothing Store Has Everything Under INR 900!

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What Makes It Awesome

Head to Zudio for reasonably priced, practical clothing for women, children and men. Prices for clothing starts at INR 149 and ends at a high of *drumroll* INR 899! That is what makes it awesome! And add to that their diverse size range (especially in the children’s section), and you've got a go-to budget and basic store. We were especially impressed by their Indo Western collection (for women), lounge wear (track pants, slouchy t-shirts, outerwear layers), and casual wear collection for men and women. Checked casual shirts, PJs with cute prints, fluted sleeve shirts, shorts, leggings, and even basic 9-5 office wear in comfortable material (suited to each style of course) are some of the things you’ll find there. They also have a super basic innerwear collection including socks, camis and tanks, socks, and 3 types of bras for daily wear in some rare to find sizes starting at INR 250 (Hallelujah!). 

Footwear and accessories are also available in basic styles be it stoles or jewellery. Accessories are all at INR 150 be it stoles, caps, or jewellery and hair accessories (great for last minute gifting options, or replacements for when your fav piece is destroyed or lost). When it comes to footwear, we’d suggest not looking at their flip flops, but for sneakers and daily wear sandals they have a practical and aesthetically appealing collection for all you basic bros and babes. Their stores across the city, Commercial Street, Bannerghatta Road, Koramangala and Naagarabhaavi are now open for in-store shopping with all safety measures in place.

What Could Be Better

Since their collection is very budget friendly, don’t expect anything extravagant, or outside of daily wear be it office or casual wear. 


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