Work Your Muscles And Swing Those Hips At Zumba Classes Across Town

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Let’s get real and honest about dance – no one gets it more sensual and sexy than the South Americans and Hispanic folk. Now throw in a solid workout with Latino beats and signature moves that weave in hip-hop, soca, samba, salsa, merengue, cumbia, reggaeton and mambo, and you’ve got yourself a carnival! Including squats jumps, core-based movements and those hip sways, if you’re bored of the usual gym and aerobics routine, jump on board the Zumba bandwagon. Thank Alberto “Beto” Perez the founder of Zumba first, and then us for this list of top places to work your moves.


Not as frequent as most places, Zumba classes are conducted only twice a week here, which we actually like. So work your muscles, top to toe (don’t we know it!) and then you get to focus on other target zones the rest of the week. And as fun as the class is, make no mistake, you can’t snooze through it!


When the instructors take over the Zumba classes at Zela, you’ll be glad for it. With their energy that will get you dancing even if you’ve had the longest day, the classes at this studio really amp up the tempo and the fun. Get ready for some Bollywood moves in the middle of the South American workout too!

The Swingers

The instructor Mahesh B N is an absolute live wire who will teach you to dance with absolutely no inhibitions. But if you still think you want to learn the ropes of this energetic fitness class first, then ladies, there’s a women-only batch. But we think the mixed Zumba classes are far more fun, because sometimes doing a move with a partner only makes it more enjoyable. Your abs will get strong after sessions here, we promise.

The Tribe Fitness Club At Cult Fit

With the city’s Zumba Queen – Shwetambari Shetty, spearheading the classes, it’s not a workout, it’s a stomping party. Her fitness levels are so high that she’ll do the moves twice over before you get the beat. But what makes the classes great is that she’ll make an extra effort to make you feel comfortable and help you get it right. Expect to be brought onto the podium if you wow at some of those moves!

Square Dance Studio

Started by a pro dancer Priya Vijaya, you can rest assured that as you burn calories, you’ll learn to groove like a pro too. All the team asks is that you give it your best. No matter if you’ve never danced before, or have two left feet. It’s all about letting go and using the passion for dance and rhythm to guide you. Only thing is that they don’t have a studio of their own.


An international brand exclusively for women, the Zumba here is high intensity. You can start with the 30-minute circuit which includes a Zumba section. Or, if you’re hardcore, then dive straight into their 60-minute session to burn over 500 calories. If you keep up that is!

Hyper Monkey Fitness

Naturally, much like its name, the Zumba classes here are pretty hyper. Throw in Smitha Alva and Rohiet Nair as the instructors, and the Latinos will be given a good Zumba for their money! Easy to follow and effective, we love the casual and even personalised sessions here. So don’t be afraid if you’re a first-timer lagging behind, they’ll make you feel like a pro in no time!


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